Montag, 9. Februar 2009

Concept Art Project - Interactive Installation - Modern Art

All Artists from Beijing are invited to be a Acteur in the next Project in Exhibition NY Arts Beijing Gallery. The Interactive Installation curated by the Artist and Art Dozent Barbara Streiff from Switzerland - International and organisation for Beijing the Art Directory Design Zhang Xin Beijing. In the first room from the Gallery Space will be hanging with more then 49 paintings on line the Artwork in Communication with People on Place. NY Arts Beijing Hegezhuang 318 International the Number 1. Artplace from China invites all artists from China to be a part of this Project Interactive Installation in Communicative Art Exchange by the Artist Barbara Streiff. The Inspiration and Sponsoring for this Exhibition comes from Abraham Lubelski Art Publisher NY Arts Magazine International and owner of the Gallery Space Hegezhuang 318 to create a Installation with Wishes for the future from Beijing together with the Artists from China.

The great Chinese Artist Song Gui Yu and his wife by work for the Interactive Installation March 09. On movie you can learn more about the Art Progress.
The Artist Barbara Streiff is Art-Dozent for New Media and specialised on painted Arthistory from the time 1500 till 2009 from Europe at Universities International
invites for Workshops in modern Art technique like Action painting in expressive Abstraction from 1925 - 1970. Mathieux Paris 1925 and later Jackson Pollock and Sam Francis 1950 NYC.

Communicative Art Project of Alpswissart since 1999 on the Road
OCPA/ Communicative Art Project International is not for profit and all rights are held by the organization alpswissart. All use and profit from the project without consent is prohibited. The rights for the use and the profit of the local exhibitions organized by member artists belong to the organizers and participants. For artists from different areas and cultures all over the world. The aim is to encourage more communication, respect, and acceptance by bringing all cultures together.

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