Mittwoch, 11. Februar 2009

车间 Action Painting with Young People and Childrens in He Ge Zhuang Villiage Beijing

- Peng Li - Xu Wan Ru - Shao Xin An - Xue Tin Ran - Ren Jing - Zhao Jin Xing - Xue Bin Ran - Lu Cheng Bin - Zhang Xin Xie - Cao Zhi Xin - Wang Xi Lo - Xue Tian Ran -
All the Young People and Childrens from He Ge Zhuang Villiage was invited to a Art Action by overpainting her Wishes for the Future of Beijing on the Work from the Artist Barbara Streiff Switzerland, she was creating in the time of Residency in the Project from NY Arts Magazine International - Art in Progress - in Homage to the Elements for the first creation of a Labyrinth. This now in a Great Art Happening New created Art in communication with Young People and Childrens from China together will be a part from the Interactive Installation of the Exhibition in NY Arts Space Hegezhuang 318 Beijing in March 09.

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