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Installation NY Arts Beijing China Art Garden Hegezhuang Chaoyang District

The art publisher Abraham Lubelski from NY Arts Magazine International - China Artfairs Beijing invite the artist Barbara Streiff from Switzerland to the Art Garden Hegezhuang , Chaoyang District 100102 Beijing China for a Installation
" all is hanging on line " selected Sketches painted by her Art actions on th road by Exhibitons in Switzerland - Europe - Brasil - Cyprus - NYC - China.

Ink Drawing on Chinese Newspaper with the date 08.08.08 from the Olympic Ceremony Beijing China by the International Artist Barbara Streiff
Expressive Motions Sketchs direct painted from the Happenings with black Ink on the Chinese Newspaper by the view on the Opening Ceremony from the Olympic Games in Beijing China.
Some selected Grafics by Performance on the Airport and by the Opening will be next in the Gallery in Beijing China -
and Installed by the " project all is hanging online " on the road since 1998 all over the World. OCPA/UNESCO PARIS
This is a Artaction out the project of the International artist Barbara Streiff paintings on News Paper on public places in communicaztion with people.
1999 - 2008 Installation "all is hanging on line." Performance expressive Motions paintings with black colour on News Paper from the happenings of the moment on public places.
Installation „ all is hanging on line „
1999 was the beginning of the project motions paintings and portraits in the station of Glarus, where the artist Barbara Streiff lives and works. Sketches from the people, they was waiting and moving on the place. She paints and makes the Exhibition directly on the wall in the waiting room. The work "expressive motions paintings of happenings" gives a new importance to the place. This art is not freshened, emotions and movement are allowed, and every body is welcome to be a part of this action. In the dark and quiet waiting room, where before was only the clock "tic-tac", comes live in.
2000 - 2004 Performance with Exhibition - Installation on the place. Barbara Streiff travels around Switzerland and made Stop by all stations for her work expressive motions paintings from the happenings on public places in Zurich, Romanshorn, Locarno, Sargans, Appenzell, Einsiedeln etc.
2000 - 2001 Performance in New York. (Text: NY ARTS December 2000) She sits at the Grand Station, at Broadway, China - Down, Central Park, at Place Pigalle, a current newspaper on her knees. The daily rags around the world are her canvas. The intent of these action "Comics"is the expressionistic "free flow of everyday life. " They speak of passion, pathos, and skill. This "boulevard performance" mirror from the inside of what passes outside. The process of the action "Comics" is intuitive.
2002 Invitation of Kartause Ittingen, to live and work in Art - Performance on place.
2001 - 2004 Performance in Italy, Germany, Berlin and Konstanz, Cyprus, airport Amsterdam, Budapest, etc. By all her art travels Exhibitions, Natural Art Installations and work as curator for the project, "World Exhibition for Freedom "she did her performance, like a journalist in paintings from the happenings of the moment on the place. Photos of work are online under communicative art in the website:

Movie from Inkpaintings in Comics News Paper by Barbara Streiff`s projects in Communicative Art Exchange are saved and you can found on the News Letter from Ocpa/Unesco Paris.

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