Freitag, 27. Februar 2009


The artist Barbara Streiff works since 7 years in Digital Art by Movies. 2007 in International Digital Art Project from the University Technology ETH ZUERICH. 2008 Documentation of the Experiments in UV - LIGHT Art Project Digital with Movies and Website in the Network from the Universities Europe.
Summer 2008 Movies for the Cultural Special Tourismus in Cyprus invited from Sofronios Mantis Art Director of the Heritage Center Panarodea Lefkosia and Special Cultural Tourismus / Movies of Symposium Davos for Sculptures International with Invitation from Davos - lic. jur. phil. Valerie Favre Accola. /
2008 Art Clay - Artdirector in New Digital Art Week ETH Zuerich and Art Dozent KHZ in New Media invites the Artist Barbara Streiff to create the movies for the Digital-Art Events Technology - Art in Basel. / Enchoing Shanghai - Basel in Art exchange from International Artists in Art Technology with China.

Next Movie ONE WORLD ONE DREAM 17 Minutes from the mutch different life in Beijing. The artist Barbara Streiff was invited from Abraham Lubelski NY Arts Magazine International - Artfairs China - in his Residency the Gallery Space Art Garden Hegegzhuang 318, the number One from the Chinese Contemporary Artist International. Next they are planning together a Project in Art Exchange International with 4 Artists from Chinese Art Garden 318 Beijing and 4 artists from Europe by Exhibition in Art Exchange with Installations and Performance.
Sheng Sheng the famous movie maker and reporter, specialist for Art documentation in China did create the Movie for 50 years Dior in the Exhibition 798 China Art Factory - Zhang Xin a young Designer based in Beijing and Art Directory from the great Wall Artists - Sonja Huonder with the best qualified Diplom at Highschool of Art in Zuerich is a future women in New Media Scene Switzerland and Barbara Streiff International Artist and creator from more then 500 Videos all over the World specialist in Digital Art Movies. The thematic are Culture - Nature and History of life.
In the Project are also invited some special artists like Song Gui Yu - Alexis and her art friends in Art Garden 318 to give critical feedback. and to bring input in the chinese view on the everyday life in Beijing.
Paul Peters - Photographer and Specialist for China will be the Supervisor for this Project.

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