Freitag, 13. Februar 2009

逆天 意境 Intuitive Body Art Concept by Barbara Streiff from Switzerland by Workshops and Art Happenings in China.

Art Happening by a workshop for the "Interactive Installation with hanging Wishes for the Future of Beijing" in the Gallery Space NY Arts Beijing in intuitive paintings with the body. This art action is curated by artist and artdozent in new media Barbara Streiff from Switzerland.
The International artist barbara Streiff did lhose the coordination in the right hand by a accident and so she did create a special art style inspired by the art happenings from Yves Klein, abstract action paintings from Mathieux 1940 in Paris and later Jackson Pollock and Sam Francis 1960 in New York ) by paintings with her full body to express her self. This special created artstyle was also to found in her art project in communicative art exchange with womens by homage to the elements in her last Installation in November 2008 Living Church St.Gallen.

Zhang Xin art directory design from Beijing made this special performance action in a workshop with Bodypaintings in the project: communicative art exchange China - Switzerland in the NY Art Space Beijing China International Artfairs.
Digital art movie and concept of the art action by artist Barbara Streiff Switzerland.

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